Le Secret Naturel offers a very usefull range of massage balms to deal with small ailments of everyday life.

Discover the cares Les Baumes du Hibou

Each balm is made up of a perfect balance: a base of vegetable oil, the precious olive oil or the wonderful Shea Butter and an active part focused on essential oils and specific vegetable oils such as arnica or Immortal. These pure and natural oils offer a highly active synergy to respond to every situation: blows and bumps, difficulty falling asleep, little cold stroke, heated feet, sore muscles, itching after insect bites.

Organic massage balm Bumps and Bruises

Organic massage balm
Quiet Winter

Organic massage balm Muscular Vitality

Organic massage balm
Foot Care

Organic massage balm
Peaceful Sleep

Organic massage balm Soothe Insect Bites

PThe virtues of essential oils and vegetable oils

  • Essential oils of Camphor, Fir balsam and Rosemary have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation thus activating the preparation and recovery of the muscle.
  • Juniper berry oil and Mandarin oil are present to soothe the pain.
  • Essential oils of Lavender, Patchouli or Petitgrain have a reassuring and calming effect.
  • The macerates of St. John’s Wort and Calendula bring regenerative and soothing power even on sensitive skin.
  • Calophyllum oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will quickly calm the irritation.
  • Arnica helps absorb the blows and has a decongestant effect.
  • The essential oil of Palmarosa and Rosemary are stimulating. Tea tree provides an anti-bacterial action.


Discover our travel kit massage balms Les Baumes du Hibou

Our travel kit contains 6 balms of 7 ml, a balm for each reference

Kit Voyage Baumes du Hibou


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Inspired by Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, Le Secret Naturel offers a range of wellness products made of essential oils and plant extracts specially selected for their benefits on the emotional and physical level.


Our Shea comes from a fair and organic industry in Ghana. Women bring their families to life through the picking of Shea. Shea butter which means “butter tree” in Africa has been used since the dawn of time. Shea is also ‘the gold of women’ in the producing countries..

Les Karités d'Afrique
Les soins au lait d'anesse


Le Secret Naturel offers a full range of donkey milk natural skin cares with solid soaps, a liquid soap, a body balm, a body milk and a lipstick.

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