Marseille Soap Green Oléanat

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Genuine olive oil Marseille soap
Made in Provence following ancestral methods
Cubic soap of 300gr

This plant soap offers soothing properties for fragile and sensitive skin. Its manufacturing is exclusively made in Marseille according to the ancestral method of cooking the vegetable oils, molding the soap paste and drying it. The green colour comes from the presence of olive oil more exactly of oil of grignons strongly colored by tannins and chlorophylls. The olive oil offers sweetness and protection. The coco oil introduced into the formula gives more consistency to the foam. Formula without perfume.

Use advice

This gentle soap can be used daily to wash ones body and hands. It can be also used for manual washings for delicate clothes. Frangrance-free formula. Pass the soap under water then rub it gently between your hands to get a creamy foam. Rinse carefully.


The SOAP is obtained by the saponification of olive residue oil (70%), coconut oil (30%) Olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable Glycerin, soda. Without conservative, without coloring agent, without palm oil. Left exposed to the day light, this soap will fade to brown or show brown spots. To avoid this phenomenon, store it away from light and at room temperature. Its color may change depending on the production batch production (colors of vegetable oils can varied).

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