Each product launched on the market by Le Secret Naturel :

Respects the regulation in force

Respects the regulation in force, with a consideration of the toxicological aspect of ingredients and their molecules, cutaneous and ocular safety tests.

Consider a population sensitive to organic cosmetics

Consider a population sensitive to organic cosmetics in reaction to allergy problems by a choice of product without perfume or with natural hypoallergenic fragrance.

The repository Ecocert and Cosmos

Enforcement of the ECOCERT and COSMOS organic cosmetics repository is a guarantee of reliability whose objective is to ensure a high level of quality of cosmetic products, to enhance raw materials from plant origin from Organic farming, to respect the environment and the consumer.

The label COSMEBIO

The label COSMEBIO is an essential reference for consumers at several levels:

  • Recognition of an ever-stronger logo
  • Awareness of consumers to more responsible cosmetics
  • Defending the interests of consumers

A strong and demanding repository : Fair For Life

Le Secret Naturel sources its shea since 2012 from a supplier of fair trade. Shea Butter is the star product of the brand Oléanat. Le Secret Naturel chose the ECOCERT ESR repository currently Fair For Life, for his seriousness, the requirement of its specifications and a collaboration of more than 15 years.

This solidarity and fair repository is based on the main following criteria :

  • Transparency of information and respect for the consumer
  • Social responsibility on the whole of the sector
  • Environment-friendly production and transformation
  • Fair and sustainable trade
  • The whole control allows a development of human efforts and offers an alternative to the fluctuating prices of agricultural raw materials
  • By this label, the consumer has the guarantee of a control carried out by an independent body of the respect for the producers, of the environmental compliance, of the raw material origin
  • Quality assurance on the lifetime of the product
  • Considering the working conditions of employees

Since its creation in 2002, Le Secret Naturel has been part of the first world association specialized in natural and organic cosmetics : Cosmebio


Le Secret Naturel distributes its cosmetics and hygiene products under its brands :

Oléanat is the historical brand of Le Secret Naturel. Its name refers to the “natural” vegetable “oils” used in the very first formulations.

Ayurvenat is a brand created in 2011 in order to identify a new range of Ayurvedic products inspired by the traditional cares of the Ayurvedic medicine.

Les Baumes du Hibou is a brand created in 2011 in order to identify a range of massage balms for daily cares.

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