Our Shea comes from a fair and organic industry in Ghana. Women bring their families to life through the picking of Shea. Shea butter which means “butter tree” in Africa has been used since the dawn of time. Shea is also ‘the gold of women’ in the producing countries.

Discover our shea butters from Africa

beurre de karité vanille biologique et équitable Oléanat

Organic & fair trade shea butter & vanilla Oléanat

Beurre de karité extra pur bio et équitable Fair For Life

Organic & fair trade extra-pure shea butter Oléanat

Organic shea butter and argan oil Oléanat

Organic creamy shea butter Oléanat

And the other body cares of the range Shea from Africa

Soin lèvres karité et sésame biologique

Organic shea & sesame lip care, raspberry scent Oléanat

Organic soap shea & argan

Soin lèvre karité argan sans parfum

Organic shea butter and argan lip care Oléanat

The traditional process of making shea

A shea tree produces an average of 15 to 20 kilograms of fresh fruits. The shea fruits, fallen from the tree, are picked from June to September, and then piled up for 1-2 weeks before being processed.

After washing, the nuts are cooked for 90 min in boiling water. They are then dried in the Sun. To extract the nuts from their hulls, they are hand-beaten with simple tools to remove the Shell. Almonds are stored in the sun or resold. Almonds are pounded manually with simple, often rustic tools.

They are then roasted in large iron pots on the fire. Once the baking and roasting is complete, the almond is reduced to dough in a grinder. The very greasy dough is vigorously hand-kneaded for 30-60 minutes, until the fat forms an emulsion. The grease is heated on the fire in order to decant it.

The liquid is cooled and stirred to obtain a smooth and creamy butter – the active vegetable extract: the shea. Shea butter is now ready for sale or storage.


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